Seamless Outdoor to Indoor Navigation

BUZZ offers a managed service, as opposed to an off-the-shelf solution. We overcome any technical challenges to provide an accurate, reliable navigation solution.

Enhanced User Experience

Everyone has, at some point, been lost inside a large hospital, a shopping mall or had issues finding the right gate at the airport. BUZZ was created to overcome these challenges and save people time.

Data Analytics

BUZZ helps plan and optimize commercial and public spaces by recording user analytics and provides venue owners with an understanding of user indoor behaviour.


Of costumers who visit a Shopping Mall get lost at least three times.


Of travelers have had a bad experience in airports trying to find their gate


Of patients ask for help when they go to a Hospital or other public health facility.


Increase in footfall attributed to wayfinding technologies in Shopping Malls.

BUZZ makes navigation easier for everyone.

The vision of “Smart Cities” is not futuristic, it is already reality. BUZZ brings technology from Smart Cities to today's organisations.
Our navigation system has the potential to help millions of people find what they need indoors, or outdoors - saving time, and giving a faster, better experience.

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