Our Founder & CEO, Joao has started BUZZ with the end-user in mind, so we feel it’s only right we take you back to our beginnings and tell you a bit more about what we do and WHY we do it.

Indoor Navigation or Indoor wayfinding has become a hot topic since the launch of the RFID or iBeacon, technologies which can be used to deliver the ultimate goal – being able to use your navigation App inside any large and complex venue.

A recent report from the research firm MarketsandMarkets estimates the indoor location market – which includes indoor navigation as well as indoor data tracking (such as how long someone spends in a specific store in the mall) – will be worth £41 billion by 2022. Another report, from Opus Research, estimated that, as of 2014, there were some 200 start-ups working on indoor navigation systems.

So, are we there yet? The answer is yes, we are and it’s really backed by how quickly the technology is evolving and how big the market will become.
In Europe, the United Kingdom is leading with an evaluation of £1.5bn, at the end of 2017.

Location-based services use data related to the location of mobile devices and offer the required services to users. Increase in penetration of smartphones along with growth in the use of mobile commerce, and availability of low-cost GPS-enabled smartphones are expected to drive the global location-based services market.

Location-based services have wide adoption in media & entertainment, retail, transportation, healthcare, government, defense, and other industries. Rise in popularity of social networking and mobile-based advertising, evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), increase in demand for wearable devices, and growth in penetration of 3G and 4G networks are further expected to supplement the growth of location-based services industry.

In addition, technological advancement and increase in application areas of these services are expected to provide numerous growth opportunities in the near future.
It is in analytics where this under-the-radar technology can make the most impact.

Retailers have not yet realised the true potential of location tech in marketing, which has evolved far beyond push notifications and can now, according to one expert, give you the most honest picture of your customer, seeing them as they behave in the real world, rather than an idealised online version of themselves.

Indoor Navigation can have a powerfully positive impact in industries such as healthcare, retail, aviation, entertainment and events and we, at BUZZ are really excited for the year ahead.

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