BUZZ offers patients, visitors, and staff an indoor wayfinding solution, which reduces patient stress, as well as the amount of time staff spends giving directions. It is estimated that hospital staff spent 4,500 hours per year giving directions.


Using BUZZ, stores can offer customers an easy-to-use indoor navigation solution that will enhance their experience as well as providing retailers with numerous ways of increasing revenue and driving customer loyalty.


Using BUZZ, stadiums can improve the fan experience in the stadiums, boost merchandise and food sales and help stadium managers understand the indoor visitor’s flow.


Our award-winning technology can be used to provide positioning on the map, routing and finding features like check-in desks, gates and restaurants.


Our technology helps new and existing students to find their way around the campus and improve indoor navigation for staff and faculty members.


We know that navigating through a large-scale event can be a daunting experience, so we help event organisers understand the visitor’s flow and create an Event App, designed specifically for user needs.

Who Benefits?

Clients & Visitors

  • Seamless Outdoor to Indoor wayfinding
  • Avoid getting lost – particularly in big buildings or cities
  • Save time and money
  • No more asking staff for directions
  • Single point of access for all venue information

Venues & Stores

  • Increase in the number of visits, customers, and sales
  • Location-based contextual notifications for new products, promotions, and discounts
  • BUZZ Analytics help organisations deliver better services and improve efficiency
  • Check Ins and Check Outs are available by passengers and patients

Smart Cities

  • Real-time traffic management
  • More efficient budget management
  • Better user experience for the citizens
  • Showcase parts of your city with rich history through the use of Augmented Reality

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